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Updated March 2, 2022

In this guide, you will find our schedule change policy for changes that occur to flight segments of your client’s WestJet Vacations package.

Schedule change overview

Schedule changes are WestJet initiated changes made greater than 72 hours from departure. Airlines may be required to change their flight schedules for numerous reasons. Some reasons may include:

  • Change in routing
  • Changes to flight numbers or flight times
  • Flights are no longer operating
  • Seasonal demand

When a schedule change occurs, you will receive an email notification from WestJet providing you with the new flight schedule.


In the event of a schedule change, you are responsible for notifying your client of all changes.

  1. We will email schedule change information. The email will be sent to the email you included at time of booking. Some agents will choose to use their business direct email, a generic company email (eg. or the guests email. Don’t forget to check your spam or junk folder depending on your account settings.
  2. If the schedule change meets the criteria to contact us. Please discuss with your clients the different options and terms and conditions (listed below) associated with the options prior to contacting WestJet Vacations.
  3. If required please have new travel plan, payment details and information ready so we can assist with changes right away.

Schedule change call to action

In the event you receive an email notification from WestJet about your client’s WestJet Vacations package, we have indicated below when you will need to contact Westjet.

For options on how to contact WestJet, click here.


Contact WestJet

Time change – travelling within the same calendar day


Flight number change


Change in destination


Date change


Cancel of flight/destination


Schedule change guidelines

Accepting a schedule change

If the schedule change is acceptable to your client and you have reviewed the changes with WestJet Vacations (if applicable), provide your client the finalized package details of the approved change.

Terms and conditions

  • If the schedule change resulted in a loss of night(s) at their resort destination, your client will be eligible for a partial refund
  • If the schedule change results in a delayed arrival or earlier departure, on the same calendar day at their resort destination no further compensation is provided

Unaccepted schedule change

Review the package changes with your client and if the schedule change is not acceptable, the following terms and conditions apply.

Terms and conditions*

  1. Selecting new flight(s) on the same calendar day will result in no additional cost and no additional compensation will be provided
  2. Selecting new flight(s) on a different day will be subject to the difference in the package price
  3. Selecting to change the destination, resort or travel date will be subject to the difference in package price and change fees
  4. If your client selects to cancel their WestJet Vacations package, you will need to contact WestJet Vacations to discuss options.

*Before contacting WestJet to make changes or discuss cancel options, please have the new flight/dates ready to provide.

Contacting WestJet

If a schedule change has occurred and you need to contact WestJet or you have been directed to contact WestJet, we recommend the following.

  1. If travel is not immediate, schedule a call back from a WestJet agent at
  2. If travel is imminent (within 10 days of departure) or if you would like to discuss cancel options, contact our WestJet Vacations Support Team at 1-877-664-3205.