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WestJet has launched a new registration/profile update form for agencies that book WestJet Vacations.

To make it easier to do business with us, we have created an automated solution to update your WestJet Vacations profile information or TIDS/IATA information.

This form enables you to submit or update:

  • New WestJet Vacations profile registration
  • Updating your IATA or TIDS account information to your WestJet Vacations profile, including:

    • Update of agency name, address, phone number, or contact information
    • Replace an existing TIDS with a new IATA
    • Replace an existing IATA with a new IATA

  • Submission of new or revised WestJet Vacations IATA/TIDS PAD agreement

To access the WestJet Vacations registration and profile update form, click here.