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Updated June 15, 2022

Accessing and printing an invoice in SIREV’s Trip Book with or without commission.

Trip Book in Sirev allows you to easily access and print your client’s reservation and package details. By opting to print in Trip Book, you can get a more generic invoice without the WestJet Vacations branding, that you can send to your clients.

Below are detailed instructions on how to access and print the booking details with or without commission.

  • Select the “$ Bookings” button
  • Enter your booking number and select the hyper-linked booking number
  • When the My Bookings page appears, select “View This Booking” button
  • When the reservation details display, select the arrow on the “Print” button to see the options for printing the invoice
  • Two printing options will appear. “Print all” will have the invoice with the commission included, or you can select “Print without commission”