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Updated August 29, 2022

How to book Canadian destinations in SIREV

Did you know that WestJet Vacations packages to Canadian destinations are available in SIREV. To book a Canadian WestJet Vacations package in SIREV, follow the steps below.

On the left-hand widget in SIREV, click “WJV WestJet Vacations” found under “Tours Operators.”

On the following screen, click “Package + shopping.”

The standard SIREV search widget will appear. Canadian destinations will be available in the “Usual destinations and durations” shopping path.

NOTE: You must search each Canadian destination independently. It is not possible to select “Canada” to shop all Canadian destinations at one time.

After choosing a Canadian destination, select the package duration. The duration dropdown includes all durations from two to 16 days.

NOTE: It is only possible to search for one duration at a time (i.e., 5-10 day selections are not possible).

Continue with the SIREV shopping flow. SIREV will return results based on your search as per normal.