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Last updated September 13, 2023 at 8:34 p.m. MT

Our instant quote portal allows you to save time when requesting WestJet air-only group space.

Sign up to use our Group Sales Optimization (GSO) tool:

You must register to gain access to our GSO tool. If you are an IATA-registered agency, please email to request access.

New URL and sign in process

In order to create a simpler and more secure experience for our partners, we recently migrated the GSO tool to the cloud and updated the sign-in process. The tool must also now be accessed from a new URL:

To assist with this new process, we created a step-by-step guide that details how to access the new GSO portal and log in: How to log in to the WestJet Air Group Sales Optimization (GSO) tool.

Please watch our how-to video to learn more about navigating the portal and how the tool will help save you time.

Group Sales Optimizer (GSO) Tool FAQs


Q: Why has WestJet incorporated the Group Sales Optimizer Tool into Groups business?

A: GSO is a tool used by airlines around the world to support group offers and bookings. It enables internal processes to much be more efficient as well as offers our travel agent partners access to instant group rates.

Q: What type of pricing is available through the GSO?

A: GSO offers dynamic pricing offered based on a variety of factors such as demand forecasts, peak/non peak travel, and flight yields.

Q: How often does the pricing change?

A: Similar to online pricing, rates can change throughout the course of a day according to inventory and demand.

Q: If the groups department is closed can I still access the GSO tool?

A: Yes, this gives you the flexibility to obtain air only group quotes any time of the day!

Account creation

Q: How can I sign up to use the GSO tool?

A: You must register to gain access to our GSO tool. If you are an IATA registered agency, please email to request access.

Q: How will I know when my agent profile is setup?

A: Once you have been setup to use the GSO tool; you will receive an email invite from our IT department saying “Hello, this is an invite as requested by {Your name}.” You will need to accept this invitation in order to access GSO. Please be sure you log in within 90 days or the account will be deactivated.

Accessing the GSO

Q: Where do I access the GSO tool?

A: To access the portal, please visit

Q: Do I need to download the Microsoft Authenticator app to log in to the GSO tool?

A: Yes, you will need to download the app. To do so, please follow the steps found in our guide: How to log in to the WestJet Air Group Sales Optimization (GSO) tool.

NEW: Q: How long will my account be active?

A: Inactive accounts will be deactivated after 90 days. We recommend regularly accessing your account to ensure it remains active.


Q: What types of flights can be quoted in GSO?

A: Round trip, one way, multi origin and series requests can be made via GSO. Multi city requests can-not be made through GSO at this time.

Q: What is the minimum number of guests that classify my group?

A: You need to have a minimum of 10 guests to request a quote through our GSO tool.

Q: How far in advance can I request a quote from day of travel?

A: GSO offers quotes for all days within the published Westjet schedule which is generally up to 320 days out. Out of schedule requests cannot be processed through GSO.

Q: How long is the quote saved for?

A: GSO offers are saved for 72 hours, if the offer is not booked within this period it will need to be requoted.

Q: Can air only group quotes be for all WestJet destinations?

A: Yes, you can request all destinations and routes. If you don’t see a specific destination or routing, please email

Q: What if I need to make changes to the quote?

A: Your dedicated group specialist will have the ability to edit or escalate offers, convert offers to confirmed bookings and quote add on guests.

Q: How do I know who my strategic group agent is?

A: When you request a quote in GSO there is a drop down for Group type and reason for travel, this will highlight the quote to a specific team within the Group department and one of those members will follow up on the request.

Q: Can we quote Net fares in GSO?

A: No, this system quotes commissionable fares only

Q: Why might I see lower fares online than available in GSO?

A: The Group Sales Optimizer uses dynamic pricing to provide a quote for groups with 10 or more guests travelling. Fares are based on the availability of seats on the flight, the size of the group and the travel dates requested.

Q: Why would my quote require escalation?

A: Your request may require escalation if it requires rate approval by our revenue management team due to reasons such as peak travel dates, high # of guests or request for a price match/lower fare. Once our revenue team has approved your fares the offer will be sent back to you.

Q: What are considered peak travel dates?

A: Long weekends and holidays; spring break, summer months, Christmas and holidays. Keep in mind that some routes will have their own peak travel times due to International holiday times varying, local events happening and various school system schedules.

Confirming quotes

Q: How do I confirm my quote space to convert to a booking?

A: To confirm your quote request to confirmed group space please contact your strategic groups agent.

Q: Can I claim a confirmed GSO offer?

A: Yes, GSO bookings can be set up to claim in GDS.

Q: Can I see all my confirmed/claimed group space?

A: Yes, all your saved offers, bookings and contracts can be viewed in the task queue at any time.

Q: How will I know the terms and conditions once I convert my booking to confirmed?

A: Once the quote is confirmed, the group specialist will provide the terms and conditions.

The following are not available in the GSO tool and need to be booked by contacting the WestJet Groups Department at 1-844-213-5230 or

  • Bookings of 9 guests or under are not available in the GSO tool.
  • Bookings departing more than 320 days out are considered out of schedule and cannot be booked in the tool.
  • Groups requiring more than 2 gateways is considered multi-origin in the tool.
  • Multi City requests for example YYZ-YYC-YVR-YYZ are not available in the tool.
  • Groups looking for specific flights or flights with long, multiple or overnight connections cannot be booked in the tool.
  • Destinations not appearing in the tool.