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Updated October 31, 2022

In this guide, you’ll find details on our WestJet Agent schedule change policy for changes that occurred greater than 72 hours before flight departure.

Guide contents

Email fields for WestJet Agent

In the booking flow of WestJet Agent, you have the option to enter two email fields. The first mandatory email field is intended for your travel agent email address. This email will receive schedule change notifications.

The second optional email field is intended for your client’s email address and will be added to your client’s booking details. They will not receive schedule change notifications.

Note: If you choose to input your client’s email in the first email field, they will be the recipient of schedule change notifications and will be prompted to action changes.

Schedule change overview

Schedule changes are WestJet-initiated changes made greater than 72 hours from departure. Airlines may be required to change their flight schedules for numerous reasons. Some reasons may include:

  • Change in routing
  • Changes to flight numbers or flight times
  • Flights are no longer operating
  • Seasonal demand

Handling a schedule change

When a schedule change/flight disruption occurs, WestJet will send an email notification to the email address entered into the first email field (TA to receive SKD CHG, IROPS alerts) at the time of booking. If your client agrees to the schedule change, you can accept the changes directly from the email notification.

IMPORTANT: In the event WestJet cancels a portion of your client’s journey and no replacement flight is offered, you will need to contact WestJet to cancel all remaining upline and downline flights. If they are not removed and a no-show occurs as a result, a refund will not be permitted and funds are considered forfeit.


In the event of a schedule change, you are responsible for notifying your client of all changes.

Passenger rights

In the event of a schedule change, your client may be entitled to standards of treatment due to a disruption to their travel plans. For more information, select the respective links below.

Standards of treatment 

Our commitment and your clients’ passenger rights

Schedule change qualifications

PolicyChange permittedRefund permitted
Time change 180* minutes or lessNoNo
Time change 181* minutes or moreYesYes
Change in routingYesYes
Cancel (UN) with no replacement (TK)YesYes
Cabin downgradeYesYes
Misconnect in connection cityYesYes

*For tickets issued prior to January 1, 2022 change and refund are permitted if flight time was more than 90 minutes.

Tickets issued on/after January 1, 2022

If a schedule change has occurred and your ticket was issued on/after January 1, 2022, the below qualifications must be adhered to for any involuntary changes.

  • Journey was schedule changed more than 180 minutes from the original departure/arrival, or;
  • Change in routing where one or more stops was added, or;
  • Change in routing where one or more cities has changed, or;
  • A misconnection occurs in the connection city, or:
  • Cabin downgrade, or:
  • Journey where at least one flight segment(s) cancelled by WestJet with no flight replacement.

For terms and conditions on unaccepted schedule changes, click here.

Schedule change guidelines

Accepting a schedule change

  1. If the schedule change is acceptable to your client select “Accept New Itinerary” on the email notification sent from WestJet (sample of accept option below)

Unaccepted schedule change (new flight required)

IMPORTANT: If a schedule change has occurred where the flight change does not follow one of our schedule change qualifying scenarios, any changes made will be considered voluntary and applicable fare rules must be followed. To check our qualifying scenarios, click here.

Terms and conditions

  1. For schedule changes that occur up to June 30, 2023, the new flight(s) can depart up to 2 calendar days before or after the original flight time.  
    • If there are no available or scheduled flights within 2 calendar days, the next available flight (earlier or later) may be selected for travel.  
  2. Removal of old flights and rebooking of the new flight(s) must be done by contacting WestJet or requesting a call back from your email notification.
    • Note:  Calling in to WestJet or requesting a call back must be done by the travel agent.
  3. Please do not direct your clients to contact WestJet to rebook. If your client contacts WestJet, they will be referred back to their travel agent.
  4. If your outbound/inbound date has been changed by WestJet, or you are moving the flight to the next calendar day, or the next operating flight is not on the same calendar day as the original flight:
    • You can move the outbound/inbound by the same amount of time.
    • Example: The original outbound flight(s) were scheduled to depart September 1 and the inbound flight(s) were scheduled to depart September 7. If, as a result of a schedule change, the outbound flight(s) were moved to September 2, you are permitted to move the inbound flight(s) to September 8.
  5. You are permitted to change to a geographically close airport within 320 kilometres/200 miles. For example: YVR/YXX, FLL/MIA.
  6. In cases where we have moved your flight, but the original flight is still available, you can request we reinstate the original flights.
  7. When selecting a new flight, if a seat is not available in the same cabin, you will need to select a different flight.

To rebook new flights and have your client’s ticket reissued, you can request a call back directly from the email notification (sample call back option below) or contact our Travel Support Team at 1-877-664-3205.


You and your client have the option of retaining a travel credit for a future flight or refunding to original form of payment when there has been a qualifying WestJet-initiated schedule change.

If your client prefers a refund to original form of payment, please contact our Travel Support Team at 1-877-664-3205.

For details on travel credits click here.

Sample email notification