How to book an unaccompanied minor (UMNR)

Unaccompanied minor program

WestJet is pleased to offer an unaccompanied-minor program for children, aged 8 to 17, who are travelling alone. Details of our unaccompanied minor program can be found here. Please note that the below process for travel agents reserving unaccompanied minors varies from the process for those booking directly with WestJet.

GDS bookings

If you are booking an unaccompanied minor in the GDS, please follow the process below:

  1. Price as a UNN pax type (full fare is charged).
  2. Do not add the UMNR SSR code.
  3. Do not add or collect fees for APAY as assigned seating is included in the UM program.
  4. Pick up and drop off details can be entered as OSI. However, we may ask for it again when you contact us.
  5. Complete the booking and ticketing as normal.
  6. Immediately after the booking is ticketd, please call the Travel Support Team (TST) at 1-877-664-3205 to:
    • Confirm WestJet can accomodate the UM on the ticketed flight(s).
    • Pay the UM fee.
    • Provide pick-up and drop off information.
    • Provide the guest’s email.

Please complete step six to ensure the booking is not cancelled by WestJet and your client is not denied boarding.

WestJet Agent

Unaccompanied minor bookings may not be made in WestJet Agent. To make a UM booking, please contact the Travel Support Team (TST) at 1-877-664-3205.

If a UM booking is made through WestJet Agent, this booking will be cancelled and refunded when you call the TST. A new commissionable booking will be created by the TST.