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Updated October 7, 2021

We’ve launched the first in a series of planned enhancements to the Travel Agent Resource Site (TARS) to improve the experience, help find what you’re looking for, and better support you with the resources and content you need.

To learn more about these enhancements and guide you through these changes, we’ve provided a summary of what we’ve changed or added and answers to frequently asked questions.

What has changed?

Login no longer required

Login to the site was removed to improve the user experience and provide you with easier and direct access to information while allowing for more reliable direct linking to resources or topics of importance.

Site resources are now pages

Switching from PDF format to HTML published pages gave us the ability to create more reliable permanent linking to resources and other site content. This change also improves our ability to efficiently create and modify content. Additionally, this switch allows us to create a more diverse range of content through the addition of new rich-content features, enhancing the user experience.

New resources section

We created a new resources section with specific categorization and a list view for resources within each category.

Click here to see the new resources section.

Creation of a site map and page directory

In addition to providing better categorization for our resources, a site map and page directory were created to offer alternatives in locating content. The site map provides a categorized list view of site resources, and the page directory provides a summary of the content within each page.

Click here to see the site map.
Click here to see the page directory.

New search functionality

We’ve added a new search field that provides instant results in a drop-down menu. With our changes to format and publishing standards, these results are more accurate than the previous search function.

Search results displayed on a separate page are not available at this time, however, this is planned for a future enhancement.

New content

Schedule page

Information about new destinations as well as any updates on planned or suspended routes is now regularly published on our new Schedule updates page.

Click here to see the new Schedule updates page.

WestJet Vacations

We’ve created new content for WestJet Vacations, including settlement calendar information, access to WestJet Vacations Groups quoting options, and a page for active agent incentives.

Click here to see new WestJet Vacations content.

Changes to menu options

Menu options have been modified to simplify navigation and direct users to content that’s most relevant.

Creation of a feedback page

A feedback page with forms was created in order to provide you, our valued partners, with the ability to provide us with direct input on these enhancements and to also provide a form to report any errors and inconsistencies with the site’s content.

Click here to see the feedback page.

Frequently asked questions


Q: Why was login to the site disabled?

A: Login to the site was removed to improve the user experience and provide you with easier and direct access to information while allowing for more reliable direct linking to resources or topics of importance.

Q: Why are resources no longer in PDF format?

A: HTML pages allow us the ability to create, edit, and maintain support resources in a more efficient and timely manner. This change was also required to improve search capabilities for resources and news articles and to create more reliable permanent linking to frequently accessed resources.

Q: Why can I no longer edit or share resources?

A: This functionality was rarely used and could only be applied to resources in PDF format. Accordingly, this feature was deactivated.

Q: Can I still print resources?

A: Users can print resources by clicking the print icon at the top right of the page header.

We strongly recommend that you not print resources as these printed materials may become outdated. We recommend you bookmark pages in order to ensure you are receiving the most up-to-date information.


Q: How can I see when a resource page has been updated?

A: The updated or effective date of each resource page is now displayed at the bottom right of the page header.

Q: Will you be adding more content?

A: The changes made to the site will allow us to improve and expand our content, so that we may better support you. The development of site content is ongoing and content will continue to be developed and updated.

Q: Where can I see a complete list of site content?

A: You can view a complete list here through our site map. You can also view a complete list of site content here in our page directory.

Q: Why was the training section removed?

A: The design of this section did not allow us to provide quality training materials as we were limited to one media type for publishing. As a result, this section did not serve as an adequate training platform or area of focus. WestJet is working on improving training materials and in the future, updates will be provided as this program develops.

Feedback and Community Engagement

Q: Where can I provide feedback regarding site changes and content?

A: You can submit your feedback through the site form located here.

Q: What will you do with my feedback?

A: Insights collected through these forms will be used to both improve the quality and consistency of our content and improve the site’s design and functionality. You can also report errors, incomplete or missing information, and inconsistencies in published content.