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WestJet launches Operational Excellence program

March 1, 2023

Airline elevates guest experience to new heights with announcement of newly created role of Vice-President, Experience Management 


As WestJet’s new strategic direction and ambitious growth plans take flight, the airline is more committed than ever to improving in areas across the travel journey to ensure that no matter the destination, every WestJet guest’s travel experience is both seamless and connected.

“We were reminded this past holiday season just how fragile the aviation ecosystem is across Canada and the role we as an airline play in safeguarding the travel plans of our guests,” said Alexis von Hoensbroech, Chief Executive Officer, the WestJet Group. “At WestJet, our priority is to provide our guests with a seamless and enjoyable travel experience and this year, our commitment is returning WestJet to the friendly, reliable, affordable airline that Canadians know and love.”

As WestJet embarks on its new strategic direction, the airline’s newly launched Operational Excellence program will encompass the strategy and re-design of the guest experience across all touchpoints of the travel journey with a strategic focus on digital enhancements, IT infrastructure management and operational resilience.

To bolster its commitment to its guests, the airline has named Colleen Tynan to the newly created role of Vice-President, Experience Management. Under Colleen’s leadership, WestJet’s new Experience Management team will play a critical role in delivering the airline’s Operational Excellence program through innovation and investment that will take the WestJet travel experience to new heights.

Colleen has been a WestJetter for 20 years and has held a variety of roles across the Corporate, Commercial and Operations teams at WestJet. Most recently, Colleen oversaw WestJet’s international and domestic airport operations as Vice-President, Airports.

“I am thrilled to lead this new team that will bring the best of WestJet together to deliver upon a renewed vision for our guest experience,” said Colleen Tynan, WestJet Vice-President, Experience Management.

“Whether it is a disruption to a guest’s travel plans, a delayed bag, or how we communicate, we are making investments across our business to better improve on self-serve functionality, guest communication and providing WestJetters across our organization with the tools they need to best assist our guests when they need us most.”