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WestJet is changing its policies for service dogs and removing the emotional support dog policy

July 15, 2021


Our program for guests travelling with emotional support dogs and service dogs is changing following significant modifications to allowances under U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations, which aligns closely to the requirements under the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA). 

Effective August 5, 2021, WestJet will no longer accept emotional support dogs in the cabin. Moving forward, WestJet will continue to accept service dogs who meet the outlined criteria for training and behaviour and who support those with disabilities.  

For all flights on or after August 5, WestJet will accept one service dog per guest for all flights, excluding the U.S. If the guest has a flight to/from the U.S. on their itinerary, we will accept two service dogs. 

If your client has existing travel booked on or after the above date and has planned to travel with an emotional support dog, they will be notified by email and asked to contact WestJet to discuss alternative arrangements.  If your client has existing travel booked on or after the above date and is travelling with a service dog, they will also be notified of changes to the service dog program which will require them to contact WestJet to provide some information about their dog, the task their dog performs for them, and to confirm any entrance requirements for their dog, based on their itinerary.   

Information about travelling with service dogs can be found online here: