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Important updates from WestJet Vacations Groups instant quotes tool

June 4, 2021

We are pleased to see the initial success of our new instant quote tool which provides an immediate quote for new WestJet Vacations Groups bookings for many of our hotel partners. 

Update on instant quotes – now available four months before departure
Instant quotes are now available for new WestJet Vacations Groups bookings of 40 guests or less that are made at least four months before departure (previously 6 months). Once you have completed your quote, you can add your agency’s logo to the document and easily share it with your clients.

Update on payment options of WestJet Vacations Groups bookings: Net payment and overpayment options now accepted
Instant quotes are available for new WestJet Vacations Groups bookings of 40 guests or less that are made at least four months before departure. 

In addition to the implementation of our new instant quote tool, we have continued to make enhancements and are now able to provide you with the option of net payments, which allows you to protect your profit and have control over your earnings in the event of a cancellation, as well as an overpayment option.
New bookings – overpayment for new bookings will be reconciled at the time of your clients’ departure.  Settlement will be within 7 days of departure. 

To offer our partners added flexibility, we can now accept e-transfers as a form of payment. For full instructions on how to pay via e-transfer, visit our guide on the travel agent resource site, by click here.  

WestJet Vacations Groups instant quotes and agency-exclusive contact information
To access the instant quote tool, simply visit the travel agent resource site at  and click on the “WestJet Vacations Groups” button at the top of the page.  

To help you get started, we created a guide on how to use the instant quote tool. In this guide, you’ll find step-by-step instructions on how to log in for the first time, submit a quote request and more.  To view the guide, click here.

To better serve our agency partners, we are dedicating a phone number and email to address to WestJet Vacations Groups that is exclusive to the travel trade.

 To receive a quote for group bookings larger than 40 guests, for bookings made within four months before departure, for a hotel that is not available in the instant quote tool or any other inquiries, please contact the WestJet Vacations Groups team using their new contact information. 

WestJet Vacations Groups agent incentive
We continue to provide partners with an added opportunity to earn with our exclusive travel agent offer. When your clients are ready to travel and book a WestJet Vacations Groups package, you’ll earn 100 WestJet dollars for every 10 adult package guests, up to a maximum of 500 WestJet dollars per group*.   

Learn more about this offer on the travel agent resource site, by click here.