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Important update from Chuck Crowder

January 8, 2021


Dear travel partner,

As you know, the federal government’s inbound testing announcement on December 31 and the continuation of the 14-day quarantine have caused significant challenges for the travel industry. The new entry measures have made air travel increasingly unaffordable, unfeasible and unattainable for many Canadians. You have no doubt experienced the same reductions in new bookings and unprecedented cancellations that we have seen from our mutual guests.

We are once again at a point where we must make difficult choices around our schedule. Due to significantly weakened demand on transborder, sun and domestic flying, over the next few weeks we will be removing approximately 30 per cent of our schedule through February and March. WestJet will operate at a more than 80 per cent reduction year over year and for international markets, capacity will be down 93 per cent year over year. We will be suspending 11 year-round routes throughout our network and 13 seasonal routes to international and transborder destinations.

As a result of these reductions, we must also place more employees on leave, while impacting the pay of others. Regrettably, these are unavoidable decisions for the long-term viability of our airline.

We know how challenging this period has been for our travel partners. Since the onset of the pandemic, you have shown resilience, dedication and unwavering commitment to your clients and the industry. Thank you for your partnership during this difficult time and for all you do for your clients every day.


Chuck Crowder
Vice-President, Sales & Distribution, WestJet Vacations and Contact Centres