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Last updated December 15, 2023

You or your clients can use Manage my Vacations and Manage Trips on to self-serve the following options for a WestJet Vacations package:

To see detailed instructions on each of the functions listed above, click the links below.

Manage my Vacations

How to access Manage my Vacations

Visit and click the “Manage trips” tab. Then, select “Manage vacation packages” from the dropdown menu.

Cancel a package

Travel agents can self-serve a WestJet Vacations package cancellation request in SIREV via TripBook. There’s no need to call in; simply follow the steps in our guide: Cancel a booking in SIREV and TripBook.

If your clients would like to request a cancellation of their WestJet Vacations bookings themselves, they can do so using Manage my Vacations. Your clients will be able to view the booking, retrieve e-Docs or cancel their vacation package. Please note:

  • Your clients will not be able to see any commission information.
  • Your clients will not be able to add a payment.

If your clients would like to self-serve a cancellation, they can follow the steps below:

Your client must have the booking number, departure date and last name to access the booking.

Once the booking is located, your client must select “Continue.”

Your client will be redirected to the SoftVoyage TripBook guest site.

To retrieve e-Docs or cancel a booking, your client must select “View This Booking.” This page will allow them to see their vacation package details, all guests travelling on the booking and payment information. Commission information is not displayed.

The page will open on the “My Booking” tab. Your client may also use the “Description” tab to see a hotel overview, or the “Travel Guide” to view destination information.

Once on the “View This Booking” page, your client will have the option to retrieve e-Docs or cancel the booking. They can save, email or print their e-Docs. When selecting the “Cancel booking” button, your client must enter their name and reason for the cancellation before selecting the “Continue.”

The total cancellation fees will display, if applicable.

Important: There may be scenarios where a cancellation fee displays even if the fee should be waived. Some examples may include:

  • If your client purchased the Travel Protection Plan and may be eligible for a refund to original form of payment or WestJet dollars;
  • If your client purchased a Premium or Business cabin booking and may be eligible for a partial refund or refund to WestJet dollars; or
  • If your client cancelled within 24 hours of booking and is eligible for a full refund to original form of payment.

A member of the WestJet Vacations team will review the request to ensure fees are not charged when processing the cancellation.

If your client no longer wishes to cancel, they can select “I refuse” and the booking will be kept intact. If your client chooses to proceed, they must select “I agree, cancel this booking” and a successful cancellation message will appear.

Your client can click “Reload page” and the booking status will show that it has been cancelled.

All components and all packages on the booking will be cancelled. A member of the WestJet Vacations team will ensure the refund (if applicable, including ancillaries) is returned to the original form of payment. Your client can expect the refund within 30 days.

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Add a WestJet Rewards ID post-booking

If you booked a WestJet Vacations package for your client and did not include their WestJet Rewards ID, you can still add it post-booking. You will need to add their WestJet Rewards ID in two places: the flight reservation and the WestJet Vacations booking.

When you add your client’s WestJet Rewards ID to their booking, they will receive their tier/credit card benefits for the flight portion (e.g., checked bags, zone boarding) and earn WestJet dollars on their vacation package.

Follow the steps below to add your client’s WestJet Rewards ID post-booking.

Step 1: Add the WestJet Rewards ID to an existing flight confirmation.

Visit Manage Trips on Enter the reservation number (PNR) and last name on the booking.

Click “Edit guest details.”

To add a WestJet Rewards ID, select the dropdown under “Travel preferences.” Select “WestJet” from the list of loyalty programs.

Type in the WestJet Rewards ID and then select “Save changes.”

Please note: This only adds the WestJet Rewards ID to the flight reservation. Be sure to also add the WestJet Rewards ID to the vacation booking.

Step 2: Add the WestJet Rewards ID to the WestJet Vacations booking.

To add the WestJet Rewards ID in RevNet, follow the steps below. If you booked in SIREV, you can do so through Live Chat with a WestJet agent.

In the RevNet menu, select “Option 10. Display Booking/Apply Payment/ Cancel.”

Enter the booking number.

Enter 5 for the MODIFY REMARK option.

In the AIRLINE field, enter WS. In the TRAVELNO field, enter the WestJet Rewards ID.

Select “Enter” to continue. Then, select “Q” to quit.

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