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Last updated December 19, 2023

If your client would like to cancel their WestJet Vacations booking, you can self-serve the request in SIREV via TripBook. There’s no need to call in; simply follow the steps in our guide below.

You can retrieve all your WestJet Vacations bookings in SIREV via TripBook – even those made through the Contact Centre. You can add payment, cancel a booking and more without having to call in for assistance. 

Your clients can also request a cancellation of their WestJet Vacations bookings. See our guide on the client process here: Manage my Vacations

How to access bookings in TripBook

On the left navigation bar of SIREV, click “$ Bookings” to access the “My Bookings” panel.

You can search by booking number, or use a combination of the filter criteria:

  • Booking Date (from/to): Enter the range of booking dates you want to retrieve, up to a maximum of 31 days.
  • Supplier: Select “WestJet Vacations.”
  • Number of bookings per page: Select the number of results to display in a single page.

Click “Search.” You will receive a list of bookings that match your filters.

Click the desired booking number to view it in TripBook (see next section).

TripBook Overview

TripBook is a Softvoyage product that provides travel agents with a number of self-serve features. The following is a sample view of what a booking will look like in TripBook:

TripBook features

To view the available TripBook features associated with a booking, click “View This Booking.”

The following features are available in TripBook with WestJet Vacations:


  • My Booking: Displays a summary of the booking.
  • Description: Displays information about the hotel, such as room information, amenities, restaurants, etc.
  • Location: Displays a Google Map location of the hotel, plus nearby attractions.
  • Travel Guide: Displays a brief guide to the destination.
  • You may enter your client’s email address here. Doing so allows your guest to write hotel feedback in Sofvoyage’s Monarc hotel review site.


  • Send this TripBook to your customer: Allows you to send a copy of the booking’s confirmation page by email to your client. You can choose to include or exclude commission information on the email. Please enter the recipient email address in both fields.
  • Print: Allows you to print the booking’s summary page. You can choose to include or exclude commission information.
  • E-Docs: Allows you to retrieve the booking’s eDocs. You can choose to view the eDocs on-screen or send them via email. If you choose the email option, the email recipient will receive a PDF version of the booking’s eDocs.
  • Add a payment: Allows you to add a payment to the booking (see section 4 below).
  • Cancel booking: Allows you to cancel a booking. (see section 5 below).

How to add a payment in TripBook

Click “Add a payment.” The following window will display:

Fill in the payment details as usual. Once done, click “Add a payment.”

If the payment is successful, the following message should return at the top of the window:

A payment confirmation email will also be sent to your agency’s default email address:

How to cancel a booking in Tripbook

Click “Cancel booking.” The following box will display:

The applicable cancellation fees will be displayed. Click “I agree, cancel this booking” to continue, or “I refuse” to stop the cancellation process and return to the previous screen.

After clicking “I agree, cancel this booking,” TripBook will cancel the booking. When successful, the following message will display:

Close the popover message box to return to TripBook’s summary page. The next time you view the booking, it will show a status of Cancelled.

If you cancel a booking and a refund is applicable, it will be processed within 14 days.