How to pre-pay for baggage in WestJet Agent

You can now pre-pay for your client’s baggage in the booking flow of WestJet Agent. This option enhances your client’s travel experience by offering the convenience of pre-paying for bags at the time of booking, making the check-in process easier and reducing the number of transactions completed at the airport.

Only the first chargeable bag fee can be pre-paid in WestJet Agent (for certain fares this will be the secondary bag as the first bag is complimentary). If additional bags are required, payment is accepted through the below channels:

  • Pre-pay for the second chargeable bag fee, post-booking through Manage Trips on westjet.com
  • The guest can pay for them when checking in online within 24 hours of departure
  • At the airport kiosk or an airport agent

Pre-paid bags are non-refundable and non-creditable. However, in the event of an itinerary cancellation or a ticket exchange, the bags must be refunded and reissued with the new ticket.

When paying for baggage in WestJet Agent

The option to pre-pay for the first checked bag will display in the “Extras” stage of the booking flow.

  • Select the passenger(s) that you would like the baggage added to
  • From the drop down menu, select the quantity and the total price for the bags will populate. In the “Payment” stage of the booking, you will be prompted to complete your booking and pay for the flight and any add-ons, including the baggage you added.

To add additional bags to the booking, this can be done post-booking on westjet.com, through Manage Trips.