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GDS bookings

If a guest would like to purchase a second seat, this can be booked through the GDS. Please use the below formats to ensure WestJet is properly recognizing the additional seat.

Name Field

Use multiple name formats with the same surname and use the last name of the person travelling. In name field one, enter the first name of the person travelling. In name field two, enter the first name as EXST.

  • Amadeus example: NM2SMITH/JOHN/EXST
  • Apollo example: N:SMITH/JOHN/EXST
  • Galileo example: N.2SMITH/JOHN/EXST
  • Sabre example: -2SMITH/JOHN/EXST
  • Worldspan GDS example: -2SMITH/JOHN/EXST


  • SSR EXST should be added to the traveller.

WestJet Agent

Extra seat bookings cannot be made through WestJet Agent. Please contact our Travel Support Team (TST) at 1-877-664-3205.