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Last updated October 26, 2023 at 8:25 a.m. MT

Starting October 28, 2023, a different aircraft configuration will be introduced into service to better serve our guests. As a result, your clients’ flight(s) may be on an aircraft that looks a little different than what they’re used to on WestJet. However, they can still expect the same friendly service throughout their flight.

UPDATED: We’re pleased to share this aircraft will now have Wi-Fi, WestJet Connect and in-seat power.

As this is an Economy-only aircraft, we recommend ensuring it will fit your client’s needs before booking.

Below, we’ve put together an overview of the service offerings on board, what your clients can expect on their flight and more details on our helpful Flight Guide page.


Identifying the aircraft

As these aircraft now have Wi-Fi and WestJet Connect, the main identifying feature is that it has only one cabin which you will see when booking for your clients. Premium will not be available.

You may also use the following to help identify this aircraft configuration:

  • Aircraft type: 737-800NG
  • Equipment code: 7S8
  • Number of seats: 189
  • Premium is not available with this aircraft configuration. Only Basic, Econo and EconoFlex fares will be available for purchase. Only one cabin class will display on seat maps.

Flight guide on

You or your client can look up their flight on our Flight Guide page to view the aircraft details and which amenities will be available. If your clients are travelling on a WestJet Vacations package, they can also use this page to look up their flight details.

Simply search by origin, destination and date.

There may be multiple departure times for that flight and date. Select your client’s departure time.

The page will display aircraft details as well as which amenities will be available on your client’s flight.

Available fare classes

There is no Premium class of service on board the 737-800 7S8 aircraft. Your clients may book Basic, Econo or EconoFlex if travelling on this aircraft.

On-board experience

Seats and seat map

  • There are 189 seats on this aircraft.
  • There is no Premium class of service onboard, but your clients may purchase preferred or exit row seats for an additional fee.
  • The standard seat pitch is 29-30 inches. Preferred and exit row seats have a 34-38 inch seat pitch.
  • There are 33 seats with extra leg room (preferred and exit row seats).
  • The seats recline and there are adjustable headrests.

If you’re booking multiple clients who would like to be seated together on their flight, the map below shows how the seats are aligned at the front of the aircraft.

Service – UPDATED

  • Entree selections are available on limited flights. Your clients may purchase snack items from our Economy buy-on-board menu. Complimentary soft drinks and a sweet or salty snack will be provided on all flights over one hour.
  • Your clients may purchase a selection of alcoholic beverage items from our Economy buy-on-board menu.

Wi-Fi and inflight entertainment – UPDATED

  • Wi-Fi is available on this aircraft.
  • WestJet Connect, our inflight entertainment and internet system, is available on this aircraft.
  • In-seat power is available at each seat.

Connecting flights

As this aircraft configuration does not have a Premium cabin, your clients will not be able to book Premium or Business on any part of their journey. This includes bookings with a connection where one leg is operated on this aircraft.

For example, if your client is flying YYC-YYZ on a 737-700 connecting to YYZ-KIN on a 737-800 7S8, they will not have the ability to purchase a Premium fare.

However, your client can still choose to upgrade to Premium if there are available seats on eligible flights.